Morris Property Group (MPG) is a multi-faceted property business focusing on property investment, asset management, development and construction. Built over three decades, Morris Property Group has expanded from its hospitality and retail roots to acquire a significant property investment portfolio. Their delivery of numerous high-profile developments throughout ACT, NSW and QLD has lead to them becoming an industry leader in property and construction. Qube is an evolution of this experience, resulting in beachside apartments that are of the utmost quality.

Amalgamated Property Group (APG) continues to lead the Australian property market with inspired residential and commercial developments. Integrating all aspects of property development and investment, APG successfully deliver end to end projects through construction and project management. Beachfront residential development has become their forte with several high end assignments already to their credit.

Aurora, Brisbane Eclipse, BROADBEACH Ivory, Burleigh beach Sierra-Grand, BROADBEACH Synergy, BROADBEACH Verve, BROADBEACH